We know how difficult it is to place a driver with the right team, in the right championship. At this early stage of a driver’s career, this is one of THE most important times for them as a driver.

Placing a driver with THE best teams in the paddock, at the RIGHT time for the driver. Driver placement is where GP24 Media, PR & Marketing S.R.L. excels. We have seen too many drivers get into drives for which they were not prepared. This can be a make or break moment for the driver.
GP24 Media, PR & Marketing S.R.L. knows when the time is right. Having built solid foundations with the best teams in a wide variety of racing series has put us in a position to negotiate the best deals with the best teams. We know where we can negotiate the best deal, with the right people working with the driver to get the very best from them in terms of driver development.
To us, career management means utilizing our knowledge and expertise for coordinating a driver’s career to make the best use of the available budget.
Are you looking for the best next step in your career, contact us for a free of charge evaluation of your career.