Whether your passion is for motor racing, collecting historical cars, managing teams, retailing at the big end of town or dealing in spare parts, you want to be backed by advisors that get your game. Commercially savvy lawyers who can protect you, understand your complex needs and fight for you when you need them to, are hard to find. Having someone who can do all this, whilst having an innate understanding of your passion for motorsport, is unheard of. It’s all about being a different kind of lawyer.

We understand that the motorsport sector requires specific legal advice.

GP24 Media, PR & Marketing S.R.L. has unparalleled experience in the automotive industry and motor sport.

Our legal department does not promote itself as “sports lawyers” but rather lawyers who have a deep understanding and passion for Motorsport.

When experience makes the difference.

We help the motorsport sector by offering the following industry specific services:

  • Drafting and negotiating:
      • Driver Agreements and variations
      • Test Day Agreements
      • Disclaimers
      • Racing Entitlements Contracts (REC) Operating and Lease Agreements
      • Sponsorship Agreements
      • Brand Ambassador Agreements
      • Competition Management Agreements
  • Driver and race team commercial representation and management
  • Racing Entitlements Contracts (REC) sales, purchases and assignments
  • Vehicle and asset purchasing, leasing and rental agreements
  • Disputes
  • Employment Agreements
  • Contractor Agreements
  • Sporting, technical and compliance advice and representation
  • Providing advice on tax effective structuring
  • Establishing and registering tax effective structures
  • Providing advice on investment groups
  • Providing advice on advertising
  • Providing advice on copyright and assignments and licences of intellectual property rights
  • Providing advice on brand reputation and intellectual property protections, including trademark registration.