GP24 Media, PR & Marketing S.R.L. works together with some premier driver coaches. The major misconception about driver coaching is the difference between coaching and instructing. Instruction is basic information about – for example, where the apex of a corner is. Coaching goes beyond that. It is about help the driver develop and improve his driving skills.

Our approach to driver coaching is doing whatever is needed to make sure his performance becomes better. If that means pointing out where the apex of a corner is, surely our coaches would do that. But our philosophy is about helping a driver learn how to figure out where that apex is on his own. This process gets the driver to learn from the inside-out, rather than from the outside-in.

The main objective is to help a driver develop and improve his racing skills, in all areas: sheer speed, race-craft, his consistency and the ability to sense what his car needs to make it perform better, how to be more effective outside the car (working with the team, media, whoever), and so much more.

The coaching process starts by getting a clear understanding of a driver’s strengths and weaknesses, and developing a coaching plan. Then there is the actual coaching at the track, and finally, a written report reviewing everything that has been learned and the areas for further improvement. If you are looking for a quick and simple solution like someone to come in and explain what he or she would do if they were driving the car, then go for it. But that is not the way we work. If you are looking for a coach to help bring out the best in a driver, and to help him develop as a driver, contact us.

There is no easy and quick approach here. Each coaching program is custom-designed, as every driver has needs that are different from other drivers’.

What high-performing person improves without some form of coaching? Athletes in every sport have coaches – do you?